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Shabbat Morning Bima Dialogue: Ovid Jacob


This Shabbat, Rabbi Ain is hosting the second CBS Bima Dialogue, with guest speaker Ovid Jacob. This discussion will happen during Shabbat morning services.

TIME: During Shabbat morning services
DATE: Saturday, June 1
Place: SANC

About Ovid Jacob:
"Ovid Jacob was born in Communist Romania in 1959 where his Judaism was unacknowledged and religion in general was suppressed. After several attempts to leave the country, he and his mother managed to escape to Buffalo, New York in 1975.  

Once in the United States, Ovid started exploring his Judaism – from kashering the kitchen for Pesach as a Princeton undergrad at Stevenson Hall, to going to services with his CMU grad school roommate Jeff from Cleveland, to discovering delis in Cleveland, to putting the web’s first Haggadah online in 1995 once he arrived in the Bay area to undertake his Postdoc at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  

Ovid took numerous courses at Lehraus Judaica in Berkeley in Jewish Languages, Bay Area Jewish history, Hebrew and Yiddish. 

Merging his interest in Physics and mystical Judaism, he has guest lectured numerous times in San Jose State’s  Comparative Religion department, collaborated with the band DubTribe on a meditative trance mix invoking Kabalistic elements, guest lectured in Danny Matt’s class on God and the Big Bang at Stanford and taught a multi-week seminar on Physics and Kabbalah at Congregation Beth Sholom. He currently works in high tech, and devotes his leisure time to Jewish intellectual and cultural pursuits."