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Korban Shabbat Service - A Sabbath of Communal Offerings

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Korban Shabbat - A Sabbath of Communal Offerings is an alternative, free-form, Friday night experience that is Jewish in content and feeling. We'll gather for the first time on Friday October 26th at 6:30 PM.

Join Rabbi Dan Ain on the fourth Friday of each month for a prayerful experience that is both inspired by - and led by - members of our community. 

Used colloquially to mean sacrifice, Korban is a Hebrew word: An offering that is brought for the purpose of drawing nearer to others and to G-d. 

Meeting in Makom Sholom (the meditative sanctuary at Congregation Beth Sholom, built by Rabbi Alan Lew), each Korban Shabbat is determined by the offerings brought by those present, including but not limited to music, readings, movement and meditations. Through our offerings and willing engagement, we create a holy community, one in which G-d's presence is brought close. Korban Shabbat is an evening of sharing your own personal connections and avenues to prayer with members of this community.

What to Expect:
• Beginners in all areas are welcomed and encouraged.

• Sitting on floor cushions and benches. Wear comfortable clothing.

• Geared towards grown-ups and mature teens – for ages 16 and older.

• A safe space that is open, respectful and conducive to sharing.

DATE:Friday, October 26
TIME:6:30 p.m.
PLACE: Makom Sholom

To make an offering at an upcoming Korban Shabbat: If you are interested in making an offering at an upcoming Korban Shabbat, we want to hear from you! While there is a spontaneity to the evening, the offerings are scheduled in advance, rather than on the spot. We are all set for offerings on October 26th, but please let Alana Ain or Karen Benjamin know if you're interested in giving a Korban offering at our next service in November. 

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