Rabbi Dan Ain

Rabbi Ain develops meaningful ways to worship in the 21st century – creating experiences that speak to people today, using the language, lessons and music of the past. Rabbi Ain finds holiness through honest conversation and gathers those who are open to being reached. He creates spaces where people can say what they really think and allow others to do the same.

For the past decade, after his ordination from The Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Ain served as the Rabbi at the New Shul and was Director of Tradition and Innovation at the New York City 92nd St. Y. He’s hosted Friday night dinners with comedians and cosmologists, klezmer brunches with composers and analysts, and conversations with friends looking for ways to talk about God on their own terms.

Most recent and prior to joining Congregation Beth Sholom, Rabbi Ain (along with his wife Alana Joblin Ain) co-founded and served as spiritual leaders for the Brooklyn based organization Because Jewish which creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our musicians and our everyday lives. The Times of Israel wrote that “Because Jewish represents the zeitgeist of Jewish Brooklyn, circa 2016. Its raison d’être is to offer community and presence amidst the racing speed and technological isolation of the here and now.”