Each Friday night at 6:30 p.m., we gather to welcome Shabbat.
Come casual and leave the week behind.

Starting this Fall, try these new avenues to prayer at Beth Sholom. 

on the first Friday of each month

For 500 years, Jews have used the Kabbalat Shabbat service to make a transition from busy weekdays to the calm spaciousness of Shabbat. In the Daven service, we will explore the Hebrew liturgy, using niggun (wordless melody), chant, song, and silence to engage this joyous tradition with our friends and families.

David Malman has been a CBS member since 1998. He has led Shabbat, daily minyan, and High Holy Days services. He is an active participant in Makor Or, the meditation group started by Rabbi Alan Lew (z'l). David and his wife Ellen Shireman taught a successful Learner's Minyan for several years, and he attended Joey Weisenberg's Building Singing Communities multi-day workshops in 2013 and 2014. He is honored and pleased to be welcoming Shabbat with the CBS community.


on the second Friday of each month


How can we take the routine liturgy that we know so well and make it new time and time again? One way is by singing out loud!

Join Amanda Russell, CBS rabbinical intern and musical director, and Jonathan Bayer, for a musical Shabbat experience. We will combine old and new tunes from different places around the world. We will use the music as a vehicle to prayer, grounding us where we feel comfortable and allowing us to deepen our prayer with melodies less familiar to us.

Amanda Russell is in her final year of Rabbinical School at The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, and has served as the Rabbinic Intern at CBS for three years. Many of you know her as the Shlikhat Tzibur (prayer leader) on Shabbat and holidays at CBS, where she infuses our prayers with music and song. She and her husband, David Katz, look forward to another year together with the CBS community.

Jonathan Bayer is a singer, instrumentalist, and Jewish educator. You know him as the Music Specialist at CBS. His contributions enhance our Preschool, Shabbat School program, and Shabbat services. He looks forward to another year with the CBS team and exploring new ways to pray and make music together.

on the third Friday of each month


What is the role of music in experiencing the sacred?

Where is the boundary between the pleasure and emotion inspired by music and the joy and spiritual engagement that we encounter in prayer? Is listening a spiritual experience?

Curated by musician and scholar Jeremiah Lockwood, Listen is a liturgical music series that will help us explore these questions in the context of a Friday evening service. Jeremiah will draw on his connections to world-renowned musicians working in diverse genres to present profound and soulful musical experiences. Listen will offer an opportunity to engage in deep listening, hear virtuosic performances, and learn about sacred music traditions - both our own Jewish traditions and those of the people we share homelands with today and in our history.

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Have you ever skipped out on Shabbat services because you feared your kids would be disruptive? Have you ever looked around and wished there were more families during times of prayer? This is the service for you!

The youth and our families are the future! Please join us for what will be an inter-generational Shabbat service. A space where children can be themselves, where parents can pray alongside their children, and congregants of all ages can feel at home.

Rabbi Amanda Russell joined our team full-time in July after serving as the Rabbinic Intern for four years. She has a young family and truly appreciates the structure of a “traditional” Shabbat service. She is excited to explore the merging of these two Jewish values, family and prayer, into a service that will be inviting for all! Rabbi Russell will be joined by some of our most loved CBS staff and musicians.

Our musicians will use instruments through Kabbalat Shabbat and we will pray from a family-friendly siddur.

Dinner will be served in advance of each service. Feel free to bring your own California wine to share with the group! This event is free to the community but please register in advance to help us prepare the appropriate amount of food.

L’dor V’dor ... please JOIN us!


on the fifth Friday of each month

Korban Shabbat - A Sabbath of Communal Offerings - is a loose, free-form, Friday night experience that is Jewish in content and feeling.

Join Rabbi Dan Ain on the fourth Friday of each month for an alternative and communal Friday night experience, as he started in Brooklyn. Adapted, adopting and appropriating styles from multiple communities and perspectives, no two Koban Shabbat evenings are the same. Used colloquially to mean sacrifice, Korban is a Hebrew word whose English translations have obscured its central meaning: an offering that is brought for the purpose of drawing nearer to others and to G-d.

Meeting in Makom Sholom (the meditative sanctuary at Congregation Beth Sholom, built by Rabbi Alan Lew), each Korban Shabbat is determined by the offerings brought by those present, including but not limited to music, readings, and meditations. If what is offered is self, heart and willing engagement, the gathering will be a holy community, one in which G-d's presence is brought close.

If you are interested in making an offering at an upcoming Korban Shabbat, we want to hear from you!