Zinnia Estes' Bat Mitzvah


Shalom! My name is Zinnia Estes. I am just finishing 7th grade at Presidio Middle School. My Bat Mitzvah has been a stressful, crazy, exciting process. I can’t believe I was three when I first entered the Congregation Beth Shalom community as a preschooler. After preschool, I started going to Hebrew school every week and Kabbalat Shabbat once a month. This past year, I have been studying for my big day, aka my Bat Mitzvah.

Besides Hebrew school and Bat Mitzvah prep, I have a pretty busy life. I also enjoy surfing, skating, and playing trumpet, piano, and ukulele. Oh, let's not forget my most important hobby--playing with my puppy, Django!

At first when I started working on my Bat Mitzvah I must admit I had a bad attitude about it. However, I came to like it more and more. I started to think about how cool it was that I was learning a new language. I also thought about how lucky I am to have this experience. Many generations of women before me could not have this experience and some still can’t. As I studied and prepared I was inspired to do a good job for myself and for all those who won’t have this opportunity. I also learned that hard work pays off. I know I’m going to look back on this experience and be proud of my accomplishments.

My parsha is Beha'alotecha, which translates to "when you rise up." The parsha covers a lot of material, but in general describes the Israelites’ journey through the desert. When I step up to the Torah I will be thinking about the many journeys of Jewish people that came before me.

There are a lot of people that I would like to thank. I first want to thank Rabbi Glazer and Noa Bar for helping me learn and prepare for my Bat Mitzvah. I want to thank my family and friends who are coming to the service to support me. Thank you to my parents for helping to make my Bat Mitzvah a great day.