Vivian Miller's Bat Mitzvah

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Vivian Miller becomes Bat Mitzvah


My name is Vivian Miller, my family has been at Beth Sholom for three generations. I’m looking forward to becoming a bat mitzvah this coming Saturday, September 7th, and carrying on an important family tradition. I’ve been a part of the San Francisco Youth Circus for three years now, and if I’m not swinging on a trapeze, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, creating art, surfing, completing school assignments, exploring SF, traveling, trying new food, and as of recently, preparing for this milestone. I have been attending San Francisco Friends School since kindergarten, and am excited for 7th grade this year.

This week, I’ll be reading from Parshat Shoftim, which covers the basic laws of establishing a just society. Shoftim means “judges,” and this portion teaches us a lot about appointing judges who are unbiased and will govern the people with integrity. I was particularly intrigued by what this reading had to say about the significance of trees and how to treat them thoughtfully during times of war (and always). Given the state of our environment, I think it’s important to remember what G-d has told us about being mindful of our world, which relates to my study of, and dedication to, Tikkun Olam.

I want to thank my parents, Nonni and Opa, my brother, my close friends and everyone else who has supported me through this process. I also want to thank Rabbi Dan Ain and Rabbi Russell, my bat mitzvah tutor Noa Bar, my Hebrew teacher Sima Krames and lastly, everyone at Congregation Beth Sholom for all they have done throughout my Jewish education.