Tractate Shabbat -- Talmud Study Update

TractateShabbatHenry Hollander, leader of our CBS Talmud study group, wants to talk cooking!

Talmud study participants are now focusing on a section of Tractate Shabbat that discusses how we are (and are not) able to use ovens and stoves on Shabbat and, more generally, what constitutes "cooking." What at first appears to be a collection of rabbinic discussions that tie us in knots over minor differences in cooking technique turns out to be a springboard for spirited debate about a wide range of cooking and foodways.

Please note that the Talmud shiur is now switching back to Tuesday nights (from Mondays).

Image credit: A photograph of the title page of Tractate Shabbat in a 1865 printing of the Babylonian Talmud, published by Julius Sittenfeld, Germany