The Israeli Settlements


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IsraeliSettlement "The Israeli Settlements: A Historical Overview and Current Developments" will take place on Sunday, May 7, 3 - 5:30 p.m., in Koret Hall.

What are the Israeli settlements, and what is their legal status?

Israel is perpetually in the media spotlight, and news coverage is full of references to "the Settlements." What are these Jewish communities? How did they get their start? Are they legal? According to whom?

Join Achshav Yisrael for an informative lecture with Dr. Eran Kaplan, who will present a historical overview of the Settlements and explain recent developments – including relevant Israeli legislation such as the Regulation Law. We will also have the opportunity to ask him questions, and to hold civil dialogue on the topic.

Professor Kaplan, an Israeli-American, holds the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Chair of Israel Studies at San Francisco State University.

$15 advance registration or $20 at the door. Light Israeli-style appetizers and refreshments are included.

Those wanting to attend who can not afford the standard admission fee due to financial hardship should contact the CBS office in advance to work out an exceptional fee.

ABOUT ACHSHAV YISRAEL: Achshav Yisrael’s mission is to provide quality programming about Israel to Congregation Beth Sholom and the broader community. Achshav Yisrael programs are open to all age groups and will occur on a regular basis. We intend to create a safe space at CBS for community exploration of Israel.

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Photo credit: Mary-Katherine Ream, (CC BY-NC 2.0)