Pizza In The Hut (Sukkot Community Dinner)

facebook_shalom_pizzainthehut_cbssukkah_evaguntherplaza_october2016Yesterday evening, over 100 members of the CBS community gathered in the CBS sukkah on Eva Gunther Plaza for our annual Sukkot community dinner. This year, we dubbed it Pizza in The Hut, and guests recited the Sukkot blessing, shook the lulav, got decorated in henna art, noshed on delicious vegetarian pizza from Arizmendi Bakery, and generally had a grand 'ol time. Here, we've posted a selection of photographs taken during the festivities, from the opening minutes to the day's last light (as it reflected off our rooftop solar panels).

If you missed last night's sukkah celebration, we invite you to join us for our upcoming Simchat Torah Block Party, this coming Monday, October 24, at 7 p.m.














CBS Goes Solar!

CongregationBethSholomSolarPanels_RichmondDistrict_SFCA_October2015Did you know that CBS installed a 59-kilowatt solar array on the roof of the schoolhouse last month?

Although we’re praying for rain these days — literally! — we’re delighted by the power our sun-loving panels have created. Over the course of just one month, we’ve generated over 7,300 kilowatt-hours of energy — that’s the same amount of electricity attained by burning 4.5 barrels of oil! Want more good news? Our green power generation has prevented 10,271 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Not too shabby!

The monitoring software supplied by the solar company we worked with allows us to geek out as we watch the environmental benefits accumulate, and because we get such a kick out of viewing the reports, we thought we’d share the monitor with the community.

The screen mounted to the right of the CBS main entrance now alternates between the shul website and the solar panel monitor. Next time you’re here, check out the numbers.

How many barrels of oil can we save by Hanukkah? Who needs a miracle when you have a stockpile?

If you’re considering installing solar panels at home or work, we highly recommend Sunrun Inc. CBS members are eligible for a free quote and consultation, so be sure to tell the representative you talk with that you were referred to Sunrun by CBS.

CongregationBethSholomSolarPanels2_RichmondDistrict_SFCA_October2015CongregationBethSholomSolarPanels3_RichmondDistrict_SFCA_October2015Image descriptions:
Top right, CBS solar panel array as seen from Eva Gunther Plaza
Center middle, CBS solar panel array on roof of schoolhouse as seen from Sanctuary's upper level exit
Center bottom, afternoon sun shining on CBS solar panel array