2018 Torah Fundraiser

There may be nothing so central to our existence as a synagogue as our Sifrei Torah - the sacred scrolls from which we read on weekdays, Shabbat, and festivals. Each of our 11 Torahs has been painstakingly hand-written, letter-by-letter, to exacting standards and must be kept kosher.Needed repairs are ongoing and inevitable. This year, in particular, there were unexpected expenses which included parchment repair and re-lettering.

We are asking the congregation to provide funds to pay for the work done this year on our Torahs. The goal is to raise $50,000 and gifts of any amount are appreciated. We've established a number of donor levels and recognition opportunities.

The development team is happy to meet with you to discuss how you and your family can help support CBS now and into the future in this endeavor. Please contact Scott Horwitz for more information.