Witness To The Birth Of Israel

Clockwise starting from top row L- Eileen Auerbach, Eva-Lynne Leibman, Betsy Eckstein, Becky Buckwald, Lucia Sommers, Ephraim Margolin, Abraham Silver, Sandra Cohen "Witness To The Birth Of Israel: An Interview With Ephraim Margolin" will take place on Saturday, June 10, 1 - 3 p.m. Becky Buckwald will interview Ephraim Margolin in the CBS Sanctuary.

Ephraim Margolin is well known to many of his fellow Beth Sholom congregants as an extraordinary scholar, raconteur, and successful attorney. We have come to admire his intelligence, meticulous research skills, and engaging style through his 49 – yes, 49! – years of annual Yom Kippur lectures. Ephraim’s intellectual curiosity is simply contagious.

But what do we know about Ephraim’s own life story? Born in Berlin, raised in pre-State Tel Aviv, Ephraim witnessed — and took an active role in — the very birth of the Jewish State. In this, his 90th year, join us to celebrate the gem that is Ephraim. Come hear stories of Ephraim’s early life in Israel and how he has served the country as a soldier, secretary to future Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and attorney for the State of Israel from his home here in San Francisco.

Bring your burning questions about Ephraim’s past!

Ephraim will be interviewed by one of his many fans, Becky Buckwald, member of the Achshav Yisrael Steering Committee and nominee to the CBS Board.

Join the community before this special Achshav Yisrael program for a kiddush luncheon, noon – 1 p.m., in Koret Hall.

ABOUT ACHSHAV YISRAEL: Achshav Yisrael’s mission is to provide quality programming about Israel to Congregation Beth Sholom and the broader community. Achshav Yisrael programs are open to all age groups and will occur on a regular basis. We intend to create a safe space at CBS for community exploration of Israel.

Achshav Yisrael Steering Committee Members: Eileen Auerbach, Becky Buckwald, Sandra Cohen, Betsy Eckstein, Ovid Jacob, Eva-Lynne Leibman, Ira Levy, Ephraim Margolin, and Lucia Sommers