Rabbi Glazer On Rites of Passage

RabbiGlazer_VidStillGetting married, becoming parents, and (G-d willing, many, many, many years later!) dying -- after b'nai mitzvah, these are the major rites of passage that most of us will experience over the course of our lives. Because these life cycle events -- playfully referred to as "match, hatch, and dispatch" -- are so culturally ubiquitous, we often forget that they are opportunities for profound personal transformation.

Not long ago, Rabbi Glazer sat down with a videographer to discuss the spiritual importance of life cycle events in the context of our Jewish "communal family." He emphasized just how special these moments are, and why they should not be minimized or taken for granted.

"Something significant changes in the-- on a cellular level in terms of your spirit. You are not the same person when you began and when you cross through that threshold. And that's the reason why we see it as really being-- you're kind of going through a liminal moment, you're passing through a doorway. The threshold of that doorway is the community, once you come through the community, you come through that moment of ritual belonging and ritual performance, something changes and it's as if we're going into another room in the larger spiritual house of our lives."

We invite you to watch the 6-minute video CBS produced following the conversation.