Light It Up! Recap

facebook_lightitupgitta-joelle_lightituphanukkah_december2016Last Thursday evening, members of the CBS community came together in Koret Hall for Light It Up! : A Hanukkah Celebration. Because so many in our community will be traveling during Hanukkah this year (which runs December 24 – January 1), we threw a pre-holiday party. We didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate together!

While the many kids in attendance came for the face painting, cookie decorating, games, music, and dancing, the adults seemed most excited about the latkes, Krispy Kreme sufganiyot, and "adult" beverages. The warmth and energy of Light It Up! was impossible to resist, though, and the evening's entertainment was as much of a treat as the seasonal comfort foods and good drinks.

Following our daily evening minyan service, which took place alongside the happy chaos of the party, Rabbi Glazer introduced the group hanukkiot lighting. Shortly thereafter, up-and-coming Jewish rock stars Talya and the Latkes played two songs for an enthusiastic crowd. Just a few licks into their cover of The Maccabeats' hit "Candlelight," and the dance floor filled. Fans of all ages smiled broadly. Even babies crawled toward the music, pumping their little fists. (Don't believe us? Check out the photographs below!)

Following Talya and the Latkes were father-son DJ duo, Don and Saul Marks, who provided tunes that kept the dance floor hopping for the rest of the party.

Todah rabbah (a hearty thank you) to: Rabbi Glazer for emceeing the evening; Kaleil and Ilan Jacob and Talya Glazer (Talya and the Latkes), and Don and Saul Marks for providing good tunes; Adi Barak, Dov Schnaider, and Lael Sturm for volunteering to bartend; CBS Family Preschool teachers Anne McComas, Bat-el Saad, and Devin Patrick for helping at the dreidel making and the cookie decorating tables; preschool teacher Pam Seaman for making the amazing hanukkiah for our Pin The Flame On The Menorah game; Lowell High School students who did all the face painting; and all of the CBS staff and leadership for creating such a good party! On the staff front, special thanks is due Executive Chef Jane Sykes for preparing from-scratch sweet potato latkes and other delicious eats, Operations & Event Manager Kim Hegg for creatively lighting Koret Hall to transform it into a Hanukkah spectacular, and CBS Family Preschool Assistant Director Dale Kleisley for helping set up so much of the space. Thank you all so much!

Below, we've posted a selection of photos taken during the celebration. If you missed it, we hope you'll join us next year.
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