Shul School: Tikkun Middot Intensive @ CBS

periodic-table-character"By this time I had already come to see myself as a soul. That's one of the first things any student of Mussar needs to understand and acknowledge, deeply and clearly. Each of us is a soul. Mostly we have been told that we 'have' a soul, but that's not the same thing. The first step on the path of Mussar is to unlearn that linguistic misconception and to realize that our essence is the soul… At its core, the soul is pure, but habits, tendencies, and imbalances often obscure some of that inner light.

— excerpt from Climbing Jacob's Ladder, by Alan Morinis

Rabbi Batshir Torchio will be leading a Tikkun Middot Intensive at CBS beginning tomorrow evening, Wednesday, January 6, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Rabbi Torchio's Tikkun Middot integrates techniques of mindfulness with Mussar, a Jewish movement focused on ethical behavior and character development. Tikkun Middot translates from the Hebrew as “repair of a measure,” but we understand middot to mean "traits," so the Tikkun Middot practice is one through which we cultivate and refine fundamental character traits such as forgiveness, generosity, and humility. By cultivating our attention to these core traits, we are better able to acknowledge and reduce negative behavioral patterns, and to respond with deeper wisdom and greater compassion to ourselves and others.

Rabbi Torchio's class will meet 10 times over the course of 2016: January 6; February 10; March 9; April 20; May 11; June 8; July 6; August 17; September 7; and October 5. During each session, participants will sit in silence, learn text, and reflect together on our experiences of the middot in their lives.

To register or for answers to any questions you may have, please email Rabbi Batshir Torchio.

Image credit: Periodic Table of Character Strengths is from Tiffany Shlain’s 2014 film, The Science of Character.