Aaron Miller's Bar Mitzvah

Miller2This Shabbat, we hope you'll join CBS as we celebrate Aaron Miller's bar mitzvah!

Aaron's message for the community is below.


Hello, my name is Aaron Miller. I am a seventh grader at the Brandeis School of San Francisco. I like to play soccer, work with computers, read, and be with my younger brothers, Joshua and Ilan. Soon it will be my bar mitzvah, and my portion is Vayigash.

In Vayigash, Joseph is now the second in command to Pharaoh. Joseph’s brothers go to him for food because there is a famine in Egypt, not knowing that he is their brother. Joseph tells them to go get their youngest brother (Benjamin), or he will not give them food. They bring Benjamin to Joseph, and Joseph reveals himself as the brother whom they assumed to be dead. Joseph gives them food and money for the famine.

The famine hits the Egyptian people, and Joseph sells food to them. He takes their money, land, and cattle. Then the people offer themselves as payment, making them slaves to Pharaoh in exchange for food. Joseph makes them slaves, but he also gives them seeds so that the people can plant their own fields when the famine is over. They will then have to give one-fifth of their food to Pharaoh during the harvest.

I am donating money to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, because my portion makes you think about what people do in order to get food, and I want to help prevent that. I am also collecting food to donate to the JFCS food pantry. I feel that food scarcity is a big problem in the world today, and I want to do what I can to help fix it.

Thank you to my amazing tutor Marilyn, who helped me learn my Torah and Haftarah. Thank you to Rabbi Glazer for being a great teacher and rabbi. Thank you to my family, who listened to me practice my drash over and over, and who are always positive.

Please note that any JFCS food pantry donations should be dropped off at CBS before or after Shabbat. Bins are located in the Rainbow Courtyard, behind the stairs, and near the CBS Family Preschool entrance off 15th Avenue. Thank you for participating in this mitzvah!