Kezayit: FRIDAY

FRIDAYWhat's this Kezayit thing? Read here.


This week, what happens when an internationally-acclaimed design firm partners with a Jewish non-profit determined to engage young and unaffiliated Jews?

Friday happens! Well, the app, at least – not the day of the week, which happens every seven days, just after Thursday and before Shabbat.

FRIDAY, an app created for the iPhone by IDEO in collaboration with Reboot, can be thought of as a digital riff on Kabbalat Shabbat (which literally means "welcoming Shabbat"). From the app press release:

"Each Friday, 30 minutes before sunset, your phone's screen recedes into a blissful twilight and serves up a short thought-provoking story and question to prompt a pause for personal reflection and lively discussion. Using head, heart, and humor, FRIDAY helps transition us from the stressful week into a more restful weekend state of mind. ... We know it’s ironic - an app that encourages you to unplug and connect with others. But maybe it will help you quiet the noise for 15 minutes. Or maybe you'll make it all night long without texting. It kind of doesn't matter. Either way, it'll be time well spent."

We encourage you to download the app and try it out. As the IDEO/Reboot team put it, if Friday night is "a time to press pause," the FRIDAY App is "a very shiny pause button."