Member Profile : Holly Christman & Max Perr

Today, we invite you to meet (or reconnect) with congregants Holly Christman & Max Perr.

* * * * *

How long have you been members of Beth Sholom?
Holly & Max: 22 years.

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?
Holly & Max: 37 years.

Where are you from originally?
Holly & Max: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What kind of work do you do?
Holly: I'm a dermatologist.
Max: I'm a retired corporate executive, and now I'm a private investor.

Do you have any hobbies or other pursuits that are important to you? If so, what?
Holly: I study Italian and art history, and love to travel, cook, read, hike, and exercise.
Max: Wine collecting, cooking, travel, reading, yoga, and spinning.

What’s your favorite movie, book, or album? Why?
Holly: We like too many books to single out any one. As Max is vision impaired, he "reads" his books on Audible.

What’s your most meaningful Jewish memory?
Holly & Max: We have two – when Holly did her conversion and when our children did their b’nai mitzvot!

What, if anything, makes Beth Sholom special for you?
Holly & Max: We have so many memories here:
1) Getting married in the chapel with our dog serving as an attendant, with Rabbi Lew’s permission, of course
2) Rabbi Lew coming to the hospital to bless our first-born, our daughter
3) Munchkins and Mishpacha programs with our children
4) The opening of the new synagogue building
5) Purim festivities

We love the sense of community, of knowing people over the years and watching their kids grow up.