Light It Up! Recap

facebook_lightitupThis past Thursday evening, December 14, over 200 members of the CBS community gathered in Koret Hall for Light It Up! : A Hanukkah Celebration. Together, we marked the third night of Hanukkah with a rollicking party. Our Beth Sholom margaritas and burrito bar were hits with the adults, and the many activity stations – face painting, cookie decorating, multiple craft tables, and more – were busy all night!

Light It Up's centerpiece, as always, was our communal candle lighting. Many families and individuals brought their favorite hanukkiot (Hanukkah menorahs) from home and, led by Rabbi Glazer and Jewish songster Jonathan Bayer, recited the Hanukkah blessings as we brightened the evening.

Following the candle lighting, our Troupe de Beth Sholom players performed a Hanukkah play, Miss Menorah & The Maccabees. With a beautiful set (created by Pam Seaman, one of our amazing CBS Family Preschool teachers), a terrific cast of Beth Sholom staff and parents from the community, and a show-stopping, electric sweater, Miss Menorah was a smash. All the children in attendance were riveted, and the parents chuckled and guffawed. After the play, Adam Lowy, a father in our CBS Family Preschool community, hopped on stage with Jonathan Bayer for an energetic, old school rap fest. When Adam encouraged the kids to show him how well they could jump, Light It Up! became a floor-shaking rager.

Todah rabbah (a hearty thank you) to: Rabbi Glazer and Jonathan Bayer for emceeing the evening; all of the Troupe de Beth Sholom players (Katherine Barboni, Ben Chinn, Rabbi Glazer, Kim Hegg, Beth Jones, Dale Kleisley, Vered Levinson, and Dan Rubinsky); Adam Lowy for raising the roof; Jason Jungreis, Adi Barak Marino, Rajeev Chopra, and Veronica Holman for volunteering to bartend; Ashley Polselli, Joan Gelfand, Liza Monge, and Ariel Bronstein for staffing the food tables; Anne Mccomas, Pam Seaman, and Janet Carignani for helping at the dreidel making and the cookie decorating tables; preschool teacher Pam Seaman for creating the impressive Miss Menorah set; Natalia Baba and Veda Gujiral who did all the face painting; and all of the CBS staff and leadership for creating such an amazing party! On the staff front, special thanks is due Executive Chef Jane Sykes for preparing so much delicious food, Operations & Event Manager Kim Hegg for dramatically transforming Koret Hall into a magical, purple-and-blue-bathed space, and CBS Family Preschool Director and Assistant Director Katherine Barboni and Dale Kleisley for doing so much of the heavy-lifting and orchestrating the two main attractions, the play and musical performance. Thank you all so much!

Below, we've posted a selection of photos taken during the celebration. If you missed it, we hope you'll join us next year.

Light It Up! Recap

facebook_lightitupgitta-joelle_lightituphanukkah_december2016Last Thursday evening, members of the CBS community came together in Koret Hall for Light It Up! : A Hanukkah Celebration. Because so many in our community will be traveling during Hanukkah this year (which runs December 24 – January 1), we threw a pre-holiday party. We didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate together!

While the many kids in attendance came for the face painting, cookie decorating, games, music, and dancing, the adults seemed most excited about the latkes, Krispy Kreme sufganiyot, and "adult" beverages. The warmth and energy of Light It Up! was impossible to resist, though, and the evening's entertainment was as much of a treat as the seasonal comfort foods and good drinks.

Following our daily evening minyan service, which took place alongside the happy chaos of the party, Rabbi Glazer introduced the group hanukkiot lighting. Shortly thereafter, up-and-coming Jewish rock stars Talya and the Latkes played two songs for an enthusiastic crowd. Just a few licks into their cover of The Maccabeats' hit "Candlelight," and the dance floor filled. Fans of all ages smiled broadly. Even babies crawled toward the music, pumping their little fists. (Don't believe us? Check out the photographs below!)

Following Talya and the Latkes were father-son DJ duo, Don and Saul Marks, who provided tunes that kept the dance floor hopping for the rest of the party.

Todah rabbah (a hearty thank you) to: Rabbi Glazer for emceeing the evening; Kaleil and Ilan Jacob and Talya Glazer (Talya and the Latkes), and Don and Saul Marks for providing good tunes; Adi Barak, Dov Schnaider, and Lael Sturm for volunteering to bartend; CBS Family Preschool teachers Anne McComas, Bat-el Saad, and Devin Patrick for helping at the dreidel making and the cookie decorating tables; preschool teacher Pam Seaman for making the amazing hanukkiah for our Pin The Flame On The Menorah game; Lowell High School students who did all the face painting; and all of the CBS staff and leadership for creating such a good party! On the staff front, special thanks is due Executive Chef Jane Sykes for preparing from-scratch sweet potato latkes and other delicious eats, Operations & Event Manager Kim Hegg for creatively lighting Koret Hall to transform it into a Hanukkah spectacular, and CBS Family Preschool Assistant Director Dale Kleisley for helping set up so much of the space. Thank you all so much!

Below, we've posted a selection of photos taken during the celebration. If you missed it, we hope you'll join us next year.
dreidelsgelt_lightituphanukkah_december2016 scottmissysuejoe_lightituphanukkah_december2016 kaleililanjacob_lightituphanukkah_december2016 servinglatkes_lightituphanukkah_december2016 candydreidel_lightituphanukkah_december2016 maarivminyan_lightituphanukkah_december2016 hanukkiotlighting1_lightituphanukkah_december2016 hanukkiotlighting2_lightituphanukkah_december2016 talyaandthelatkes6_lightituphanukkah_december2016 talyaandthelatkes4_lightituphanukkah_december2016 clairerockingout_lightituphanukkah_december2016 talyaandthelatkes_lightituphanukkah_december2016 sufganiyot_lightituphanukkah_december2016 facepainting3_lightituphanukkah_december2016 facepainting2_lightituphanukkah_december2016 cookiecarrier_lightituphanukkah_december2016 djsdonsaulmarks_lightituphanukkah_december2016 dancefloor_lightituphanukkah_december2016 dancefloor2_lightituphanukkah_december2016 dreidelprojections2_lightituphanukkah_december2016 hanukkiotlighting3_lightituphanukkah_december2016

The Financial Four -- June 28, 2016

Today, the latest edition of The Financial Four, an update from our volunteer Acting Director of Finance, Missy Sue Mastel.


Donation_CBSYellow Hi, there. I hope your summer is off to a great start. If not, I think the good news I have to share with you will help. I’m also excited about the summer blockbusters, so you might notice a theme.

1. Independence Day: Resurgence — As we enter the summer season, the shul's financial focus shifts significantly from managing monthly operations to budgeting for the upcoming year. Many of you know that we basically collect 75% of revenue in the months between June and September. This year, thanks to the generosity of our donors (not aliens), we have already collected more than $180,000 of dues, and another $20,000 in preschool summer payments. We are deferring this money to use in the new year, and have, thanks to other great donors (also not aliens), not had a need to touch any of these deferred revenues to complete the financial year. Go CBS humans!

2. The Jungle Book - The CBS Family Preschool faced some challenges in the first half of the year, but due to amazing oversight and restructuring helmed by Katherine Friedman Barboni and Dale Kleisley, the projected losses were cut by half. We are all set for a record-breaking year to come with only three spots left to full capacity for 2016-2017. Couldn’t happen to a nicer panther and bear.

3. Ben-Hur — It is no real secret that we had maybe more staff than we needed, and so we have spent a lot of this last month coming up with some deft reorganization plans. I would like to welcome Tim Fong, who is stepping into Billy Kwong's position, and Kim Hegg, who is now our CBS Operations and Events Manager. Kim will be our new go-to person to help monetize and maintain the building asset — keeping it rented and functioning. Can’t wait to see how this chariot race turns out!

4. The BFG — I have to offer a "big friendly giant" thank you to Joe Ratner and John Wekselblatt — who have been working with me to renegotiate our insurance policies to the tune of $25,000 in savings for the upcoming year, without any drop in coverage.

Keep your (X-ray) eyes peeled in upcoming HaLuach newsletters for more updates. I look forward to keeping you informed and answering any questions you may have.

CBS Family Preschool Hanukkah Party

CandleLighting4_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015The CBS Family Preschool Hanukkah Party took place yesterday morning in Koret Hall, and we snapped a handful of photos of the event to share with you.

Before the meal, several preschool classes presented short performances, the first of which involved a parade of heroic-looking Mini Maccabees brandishing shields. This zealous lot marched around Koret Hall, flexing their muscles and (quietly!) singing “The Maccabees." Apparently, these little revolutionaries — actually the PreK Hey class — sung louder and more vigorously during their rehearsal, but their spirit was still on amble display. The Dalet class also performed Hanukkah songs before preschoolers, parents, teachers, and CBS staff all enjoyed a delicious lunch of latkes, chili, salad, fruit, and oh-so-many desserts! The Alef-Bet and Gimmel classes baked some tasty Hanukkah cookies, as well.

Following the meal, several hannukiot were lit as all present recited the blessings. Around that time, someone produced inflatable dreidels…and the party really ramped up!

Special thanks to CBS Executive Chef Jane Sykes for preparing so much tasty food (and Chef’s Assistant Helen Leibman for cooking all the latkes), CBS Kashrut Supervisor Debra Surkin Perloff for obtaining the sufganiyot, Facilities Manager Jason Zimmerman and his team for managing the music and microphones and setting up all the tables, and, last but anything but least, Katherine Friedman Barboni and Dale Kleisley, Director and Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education, respectively, for making all of this possible!

Just below, we've posted a selection of photographs taken during the lunch, and we invite YOU to join us for future community events at Beth Sholom!
LatkesOnTable_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 MiniMaccabees1_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 MiniMaccabees2_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 Dale&Katherine_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 HanukkahSong_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 Dreidels&Gelt_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 ServingLatkes_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 TastyEats_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 PlayingDreidel_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 FoodSpread_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 CandleLighting1_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 InflatableDreidelMayhem1_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015 InflatableDreidelMayhem2_CBSFamilyPreschoolHanukkahLunch_December2015