E.M. Weitz Breakfast Club -- June 19

KupiecProfessor Martin Kupiec (Tel Aviv University), who is currently on sabbatical at UC Berkeley, will present to Ernest M. Weitz Breakfast Club attendees on Sunday, June 19, at 9 a.m.

The title of Dr. Kupiec's talk is "Coffee or beer? The choice could effect your genome." Coffee picks you up, and beer winds you down. We know that, but Dr. Kupiec and his team discovered that the beverages may also have opposite effects on your genome. Working with a kind of yeast that shares many important genetic similarities with humans, the researchers found that caffeine shortens and alcohol lengthens telomeres -- the end points of chromosomal DNA, implicated in aging and cancer.

Dr. Kupiec's presentation is as clever and fun as it is fascinating; we hope you'll join us! Special thanks to the American Friends of Tel Aviv University for facilitating this speaker.

Prof. Martin Kupiec was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and immigrated to Israel in 1977. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1979, and his PhD in Genetics in 1985 from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Today, Dr. Kupiec leads the Applied Genetics and Microbiology group at Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Life Sciences. A hallmark of his work is his multi-disciplinary approach, which combines genetics, molecular biology, computational and systems biology, as well as cell biology and biochemistry.

The Breakfast Club currently meets four times each year on a Sunday with an informal talk on topics of interest to the Jewish community. Speakers have included many community leaders of the San Francisco Jewish Community, along with members of CBS. Meetings are held at 9:00 a.m. and start with a delicious breakfast.

Cost: $80 per couple or $40 per individual for all four meetings; $15 for single session drop-in. You can pay on the day-of or drop off your payment at the CBS Administrative Office during business hours.