Simchat Torah Block Party!

Congregation Beth Sholom's Simchat Torah Block Party is a chance for you to shake more than your lulav!

Dance with us in the streets on Monday, October 5!

It's Sukkot again, and we're eating (or sipping a scotch) in our backyard booths, gazing up at a super blood moon through the s'chach, and contemplating the fragile vitality of the structures, both physical and mental, that we create for ourselves. This rumination is appropriate and completely understandable -- we're still reflective following the Yamim Noraim. But Sukkot is also a joyful holiday, a time to celebrate the harvest and shake your lulav. And, importantly, Sukkot is is a warm-up to one of the year's greatest parties, Simchat Torah.

Simchat Torah, which closely follows Sukkot, translates as "rejoicing with the Torah," and the holiday marks the conclusion of our annual cycle of Torah readings and the beginning of a new cycle. Festivities begin with the evening service, when all of the synagogue's Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and are paraded -- danced, really! -- around the sanctuary in a series of seven hakafot, or circuits. As a Hasidic master once remarked, "On Simchat Torah the Torah scrolls wish to dance, so we become their feet." We dare you to try to be a wallflower! After the hakafot, the party often overflows onto the city streets around the synagogue.

And that's exactly what will happen this coming Monday! Our Simchat Torah Block Party will feature live music by Veretski Pass -- a trio described by Hadassah magazine as a "veritable Old World klezmer supergroup" -- and delicious Israeli food!

We invite you to join us for services in the Grownoski Family Chapel (6 p.m.). The party will follow.