Purimpalooza Recap

Facebook_Purimpalooza23_March2017The CBS community filled our campus on Sunday, donning costumes and good spirits for Purimpalooza: Community Purim Carnival & Spiel To Support CBS Educational Programs. We gamed, gambled, bounced, danced, ate, drank, grogged, and spieled together, toasting a temporarily inverted world.

Unquestionably, the highlight of this year's Purim celebration was Long Live The Spiel, the Purim spiel produced and directed by congregant and all-star volunteer, Tracy Swedlow. Featuring an all-congregant crew and cast (a full list of participants is included at the end of this post), the spiel adapted music and lyrics from the hit musical Les Misérables to tell the story of Esther, Mordecai, and the loathsome Haman.

Special thanks to the many volunteers — from United Synagogue Youth (USY) teens to CBS elder statesmen (and women!) — who staffed carnival games, ran the food counter, bartended, and helped Executive Chef Jane Sykes in the kitchen! Thanks, too, to the CBS Family Preschool parents and Shabbat School parents who hustled on behalf of CBS education by successfully soliciting so many great prizes for the Purimpalooza raffles and silent auction, and also to those who helped the CBS staff plan the event. (See the full list of community volunteers at the end of this post.)

Upside down Purim high-fives to all of the megillah readers – Pat Ackerman, Adam Hertz, Scott Horwitz, David Malman, Marshall Schwartz, and Rabbi Glazer – and their benevolent vizier, Owen Leibman, who organized and read, as well.

Persian fist pounds to the seven volunteer bakers – Karen Benjamin, Marsha Glantz, Ruth Jaffe, Eva-Lynne Leibman, Allen Levy, Sharyn Loeb, and Debra Surkin Perloff – who made 400 hamantaschen for the weekend festivities. We enjoyed the fruit pastries of their labors!

Finally, Purimpalooza wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the entire CBS staff, but Katherine Friedman Barboni, Dale Kleisley, Kim Hegg, and Jane Sykes deserve a special shout-out for taking the organizational lead and working tirelessly to make the special day possible.

Todah rabbah (thank you very much)!

Check out some photos from the day below and see even more on our CBS Facebook page.

Facebook_Purimpalooza1_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza10_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza4_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza5_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza6_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza8_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza12_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza14_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza13_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza18_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza19_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza20_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza24_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza26_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza27_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza31_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza32_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza35_March2017 Facebook_Purimpalooza36_March2017 Community volunteers: Gillian Adams, Osher Almog, Kathryn Bair, Daniela Bernstein, Chelseaa Bush, Daniel Bush, Asher Butnik, Janet Carignani, Rajeev Chopra, Wendy Cown, Sonia Daccarett, Andrew Dawson, Susan Dawson, Kira Gaber, Eli Ganz, David Goldenberg, Sam Goldenberg, Jackie Holman, Veronica Holman, Sara Horwitz, Ovid Jacob, Noah Keith, Leo Kessler, Miles Kessler, Viki Lam, Vered Levinson, Jason Levy, Carla Lieberman, Mia Mandler, Adi Barak Marino, Melissa Miller, Liza Monge, Devin Patrick, Kristen Rice, Anna Rubinsky, Dan Rubinsky, Bat-El Saad, Mo Safdie, Jennifer Sand, Eric Steuer, Tracy Swedlow, Jordan Toledo, Bret Wadleigh, Rick Wolfgram, Hsieyun Yang, Nicole Ziman, and Sasha Ziman

Donors to raffle and silent auction: Kathryn Bair, Katherine Friedman Barboni, Rebecca Brown, Rhoda Draws, Ari Feingold, Maura Feingold, Stacy Jenson, Steve Jenson, Dale Kleisley, Eva-Lynne Leibman, Anne McComas, Debbie Patrick, Devin Patrick, Jim Patrick, Bat-El Saad, Pam Seaman, Josh Seeherman, Tracy Swedlow, Jane Sykes, Robyn Sribhen White, Lucille Zilber, and Norm Zilber

Long Live The Spiel Cast & Crew: Caitlin Ahrens, Emilia Alroy, Iris Alroy, Babalou, Linda Bernstein, Marion Bernstein, Max Billick, Asher Chinn, Ben Chinn, Sonia Daccarett, Rabbi Billy Dreskin, Dick Gentschel, Rabbi Glazer, Talya Glazer, Katherine Hollander, Scott Horwitz, Ilan Jacob, Ovid Jacob, Sidney Keith, Steve Miller, Irv Rothstein, Rosey Rothstein, Marcia Sohn, Norman Sohn, Tracy Swedlow, Elyssa Wortzman, Daniel Zilberman, Mark Zilberman