One Tough Rabbi -- Talmud Study Update

144109317_4844d4ef26_zHenry Hollander, leader of the CBS Talmud Study group, would like to introduce you to One Tough Rabbi!

Over four Monday evening sessions, October 19 and 26 and November 2 and 9, the Talmud Study shiur will spotlight an important aggadah (rabbinic tale) featuring Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who is also the central figure in the Zohar.

We will consider how Shimon bar Yochai is depicted within the Talmudic aggadah in which we find him inside a cave, buried up to his neck in sand for twelve years along with his son Rabbi Eleazar (when Eleazar is not on the lam or destroying things with his laser vision!). After studying the aggadah, we will pull back to look at the larger portion of Talmud text that the story of Rabbi Shimon is nested within. We will try to understand the story on its own and as the conclusion to a larger, seemingly unrelated body of laws, stories, and theological inquiries.

Understanding the Talmudic Rabbi Shimon should be helpful for those studying his Zoharic role with Rabbi Glazer in his Lehrhaus Zohar class.

Image credit: Photo by TikkunGer (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)