Let’s (Continue) Our Spiritual Musical Journey!

cfde8820-d953-48d6-8915-d48578b87f8eOn the heels of Rabbi Aubrey Glazer’s jubilant installation as the spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Sholom (CBS) in September 2014, the CBS community has gathered on the third Friday of each month to raise our voices together, welcoming the Sabbath. The spirited 3rd Friday Musical Kabbalat Shabbat service is as profound as it is joyful, providing participants with a powerful transformative experience, one that nourishes and empowers. There is no other musical service like it in the Bay Area!

If you haven't participated in the service, we invite you to get a sense of it by pressing play (just below) before you read on!

[audio mp3="http://bethsholomsf.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/3rdFridayMusicalKabbalatShabbat_Nov2015.mp3"][/audio]
Shabbat is a gift. At CBS, the vital passage between the rest of the week and Shabbat is accentuated by a truly talented line-up of musicians and prayer leaders that make the 3rd Friday services come alive. Led by our own Rabbi Glazer, Hazzan Richard Kaplan (piano and percussion), Lila Sklar (violin), and John Erlich (guitar and oud) awaken our neshamot, appealing to the joy that each of us can experience.

3rdFriday53rdFriday4The music and singing of the 3rd Friday series welcome Shabbat in singular fashion. When we raise our voices in song and dance, we are celebrating our community and life itself. Moving together through this musical journey, on the wings of Jewish song from around the globe, we find (and expand) our Sabbath souls!

The 3rd Friday Musical Kabbalat Shabbat series was subsidized as a pilot program that recently concluded. An anonymous donor has graciously covered the cost of 3rd Friday services through March 2016, and CBS recently launched a CrowdRise fundraiser to maintain the innovative and inspiring series through the 2016-17 season (June 2017)!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Your generosity will ensure that the music continues!