Knesset 101


Buy your tickets for our upcoming Achshav Yisrael program!

knesset "Knesset 101" will take place on Sunday, January 22, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., in Koret Hall.

Join Achshav Yisrael and Dr. Eran Kaplan, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Professor of Israel Studies in the Department of Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University, to examine the basic mechanisms of the Israeli political system. We will explore the way Israelis elect their representatives and how coalitions and governments are formed in Israel. We will look at how, over the years, the Israeli political landscape has changed (mainly the transition from Left to Right) and explore some of the reasons for these changes.

Dr. Kaplan's presentation will be followed by facilitated "break-out" group conversations. The lecture is designed to lay a foundation of knowledge for future Achshav Yisrael events on social issues in Israel.

An Israeli appetizer buffet and refreshments are included.

Parents, please note that childcare for kids one year and older will be available on-site for the cost of $5 per child. This fee can be paid on the ticket sales page. Childcare reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

Tickets are $10 per person. Sign up just below (via EventBrite).

ABOUT ACHSHAV YISRAEL: Achshav Yisrael’s mission is to provide quality programming about Israel to Congregation Beth Sholom and the broader community. Achshav Yisrael programs are open to all age groups and will occur on a regular basis. We intend to create a safe space at CBS for community exploration of Israel.

Achshav Yisrael Steering Committee Members: Eileen Auerbach, Becky Buckwald, Sandra Cohen, Betsy Eckstein, Ovid Jacob, Eva-Lynne Leibman, Ira Levy, Ephraim Margolin, and Lucia Sommers

Photo credit: Israel Tourism, (CC BY-SA 2.0)