Introducing the Good Shab-Box!

Our jobs, extracurricular commitments, and day-to-day chores keep us incredibly busy — too busy for our own good, according to physicians, sociologists, and rabbis. We’re aware of this unfortunate reality, but we generally shrug it off as the new normal. We’re hyper-connected and hyper-busy…and what is there for it?

GoodShabbox Well, CBS has a little something. Introducing Good Shab-Box! It’s no cure-all, but this is the real-deal happy meal!

Good Shab-Box! makes sit-down Shabbat dinners with your loved ones super easy. No cooking necessary!

CBS Executive Chef Jane Sykes is doing all the work, crafting Shabbat feasts that will delight your tummy, buoy your spirits, and generally put you in a Shabbat state of mind! She crafts these feasts...and then pops them in a box with your name on it! All you have to do is swing by CBS between 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. on select Fridays (kicking off February 19) to pick up a delicious Shabbat dinner to go! (And if you’d like to attend Kabbalat Shabbat services before you head home for dinner, no problem! We'll have your Good Shab-Box! waiting for you following services.)

Each Good Shab-Box! package includes:

  • One main entree
  • One savory side entree
  • Salad with dressing
  • One dessert
  • Card with Shabbat blessing printed in Hebrew, English, and transliteration
  • Reheating instructions (each meal is provided cold or at room temperature)

What do these boxes of Shabbat goodness cost?

$25 per person (full meal)
$15 per person (entree only -- main and side)
$70 per family of 4 (2 adults; 2 kid-size portions)
$5 to add challah

Look for details about each Good Shab-Box! offering in our HaLuach weekly newsletter, or email the CBS office with any questions.