Farewell Siyyum for Rabbi Glazer

Join us for a celebratory farewell to Rabbi Glazer's with a traditional siyyum (interactive communal learning) followed by Mincha service. Siyyum is a traditional service of closure to allow our congregation to bid Rabbi Glazer a fond farewell through learning and sharing, as we celebrate this milestone and next chapter as a community.

Attending a siyyum is an all-inclusive and joyful event to honor all the ways we have learned and connected to each other through Torah during Rabbi Glazer's tenure at Beth Sholom. Read Rabbi Glazer's farewell message here.

Rabbi Glazer's study will be accompanied by a traditional celebratory "third meal" that is somewhere between a cold "light meal" and a "substantial nosh." Attendees will eat while they study.

Rabbi Glazer invites everyone to bring a cue card that lists one way you have grown in your relationship to Torah at CBS under his rabbinate. On the other side, include your favorite line from the Psalms, (or, any other Jewish wisdom) we have shared formally or informally over these years together at CBS for a communal blessing.

DATE: Saturday, June 23

TIME: 4:30–6 p.m. (followed mincha 6–6:30 p.m.)

WHERE: Main Meeting Room

COST: Free, but registration is required

RSVP: Deadline to register is Monday, June 18