Evan Fox's Bar Mitzvah


My name is Evan Fox. I am a seventh grader at Presidio Middle School. My favorite subjects are Physical Education (P.E.) and Language Arts. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis, and drums. I also like listening to music, cooking, and playing Minecraft.

My bar mitzvah is coming up, and I’m excited to share the special day with my family and friends. I think of a bar mitzvah as a day where I become a Jewish adult. I will become a devoted member of the community.

My parshat is Yitro. Yitro is so important, because it is when the Ten Commandments are shown to the Israelites. People may think Yitro is all about the Ten Commandments, but that’s only half of it. Moses was under a ton of pressure while judging the Israelites. Yitro, his father-in-law, helped release quite a bit of pressure off of Moses. Pressure (and its pros and cons) are the other part of Yitro.

I would like to thank my tutor, Randy Weiss, for teaching me trope, my maftir, and my haftarah. I would also like to thank Rabbi Glazer for helping me construct my d’var Torah. And, of course, I would like to thank my family for showing me support and helping me get prepared.

See you on the 30th!