Esther Lopez's Bat Mitzvah


Shalom!  My name is Esther Lopez and I am a rising 8th grader at The Brandeis School.  My favorite things to do are sing, dance, spend time with my friends, and binge watch Netflix shows.

I am so excited to share my special day with you!  Becoming a bat mitzvah raised a lot of confusing questions for me. For example, is it more important to feel holy or to do holy things? I discuss this topic and more in my dvar torah.

My parsha is Chukat which has a lot of important events.  For example, Aaron and Miriam both die. When Miriam dies, the wandering Israelites complain about the lack of water. Moses asks G-d what to do. He tells Moses to strike a rock with his staff, and there will be water. Moses gets impatient and strikes the rock twice, leading to his inability to enter the Promised Land in the future.

Thank you to Noa Bar for leading me up to this day, and to Rabbi Glazer for helping me to think about what all of this means for me. The biggest thanks goes to my friends and family for giving me the courage to become a bat mitzvah.