Eli Leavitt's Bar Mitzvah



This Shabbat, we hope you'll join the CBS community as we celebrate Eli Leavitt's bar mitzvah!

A message from the bar mitzvah boy (soon to be man!) is just below.

Shalom! My name is Eli Leavitt and I am a 7th grader at the Brandeis School of San Francisco. My bar mitzvah is on November 14 and I am really excited.

I have been going to Beth Sholom since pre-school, and I think that having a bar mitzvah is about becoming part of the adult community by reading from the Torah. My Torah portion is Parshat Toldot, which tells about Jacob tricking Esau into giving him his birthright, and then later, through more trickery, stealing the blessing intended for Esau from Isaac.

In 5th grade, my family and I spent a year in Tel Aviv. I attended a school in Hebrew and made a lot of great friends. I also ate a lot shawarma and falafel! We ended the school year with a two-month road trip across Europe. In addition to travel, I also like ju-jitsu, design, and cars.

I think that becoming a bar mitzvah does not just happen when you read Torah. I think it happens gradually as you gain a bigger understanding of your parsha and become closer and closer to being an adult in the Jewish community. I would like to thank Rabbi Glazer for helping me gain a better understanding of my drash, and my tutor Randy Weiss for teaching me my Torah and haftarah portions.