Dr. E.M. Weitz Breakfast Club -- December 11

ethicalwillOn Sunday, December 11, at 9 a.m., please join Rabbi Aubrey Glazer and CBS congregant and writer, Joan Gelfand, for a workshop on ethical wills. Bring pen and journal to be part of this interactive workshop.

"My father is not dead. My father is a book, and books do not die." What the late Elie Wiesel captured in a few words speaks to us all – the need to find a way to express our values and pass them on to the next generation through an ethical will (in Hebrew, Zava'ah).

An ethical will is a love letter from one generation to the next, hand crafted to pass ethical values l'dor va'dor. In the process of writing an ethical will, each of us is asked to confront the essential truths we have learned as individuals in a lifetime and consider what really counts. Jews from all walks of life have continued to write ethical wills during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but the practice goes all the way back to Jacob gathering his children around his bedside, trying to teach them how to live after he is gone. Each of us has wisdom of experience that is unique and worthy of passing on to the next generation.

The Breakfast Club currently meets four times each year on a Sunday with an informal talk on topics of interest to the Jewish community. Speakers have included many community leaders of the San Francisco Jewish Community, along with members of CBS. Meetings are held at 9:00 a.m. and start with a delicious breakfast.

Cost: $80 per couple or $40 per individual for all four meetings; $15 for single session drop-in. You can pay on the day-of or drop off your payment at the CBS Administrative Office during business hours.

Image credit: Photograph by Flickr user Adrian Clark (CC BY-ND 2.0)