Adina Sweet's Bat Mitzvah

AdinaSweetThis Shabbat, we hope you'll join CBS as we celebrate Adina Sweet's bat mitzvah!

Adina's message for the community is below.


Shalom. My name is Adina Sweet. I am a seventh grader at the Brandeis School of San Francisco. My favorite subjects are Social Studies and English. I like to hang out with my friends, play soccer and basketball, and dance.

My bat mitzvah is coming up soon, and I am very excited to share this special day with my family, friends, and members of the congregation. My bat mitzvah will be the day that I formally become a member of the Jewish community.

My parashat is Bo, the story of the last three plagues; locusts, darkness, and death of the first born. The portion also explains how to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Passover. Parashat Bo is one of the most important portions in the Torah because of the story's moral as well as the great expectations it sets for Jews to fulfill G-d’s request to celebrate an amazing holiday.

Last summer, my family and I traveled to Israel where we saw the Kotel. I discovered the many different sides of Judaism and different expressions of my religion. I connected to the religion even more and had some very special moments during that trip.

I could not have gotten ready for my bat mitzvah without the help of Rabbi Glazer, who helped me write my drash and talked about Parashat Bo with me. My tutor, Ruth Weisberg, helped me learn trope and taught me the Torah service prayers. My parents showed me so much love and support, and with my sister's help, they really made this day possible. Also, my dog, Teddy, was always there when I needed him.

I hope to see you this Shabbat!