Alex Billick's Bar Mitzvah


Alex Billick becomes Bar Mitzvah

Hello. My name is Alex Billick, and I am a sixth grader at Live Oak School. I’m excited to be having my Bar Mitzvah at Beth Sholom, and it's been fun preparing for it with my parents, my brother Max, Noa Bar and Rabbi Ain.

Preparing for my Bar Mitzvah has been an enlightening journey. I especially enjoyed writing my Dvar Torah with the help of Rabbi Dan Ain. It was also fun learning something new in the form of trop.

My parsha is Emor. In it, Moses lays out the laws for the Cohanim and the details of the sacred times and festivals of G-d, the Mo’adei Adonai. It also sets out the laws about profaning God's name, maiming and murder, the famous ‘an eye for an eye’.

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah has been a long, and sometimes stressful road. It was challenging to balance my Bar Mitzvah preparation with my other activities. I like to play baseball, basketball, and go on adventures with the Boy Scouts. I also like to play guitar, practice archery, and game. My favorite subjects at school are science and social studies.

I would like to thank Rabbi Ain for being very thoughtful and insightful with his questions and helping me prepare my drash, and Noa Bar for teaching me to chant Torah. I would also like to thank Dora, Lewis and Ben for helping me articulate my ideas in my drash. Lastly, I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my brother, and the CBS community for helping me get to this day.