CBS congregants honor MLK day with community service!

This MLK Day, Monday, January 21, three Beth Sholom families honored Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory by cooking and serving a meal at the winter shelter for the homeless at St. Mark's Lutheran Church as part of a program organized by the San Francisco Interfaith Council.

The Buckwald, Darling Lempert, and Lempert Lopez Families (plus friend Tony) had a great time preparing the meal in St. Mark’s kitchen.  On the menu was chili, mac-and-cheese, corn bread, salad--and a last-minute apple crumble (thanks, Naomi!).  

Everyone, including the kids, pitched in--from shopping, to cooking, to serving the 65 men housed at the church that night as well as the shelter’s staff.  A fun and fulfilling time was had by all the volunteers!

If you are interested in this type of volunteer activity, consider joining Beth Sholom’s Social Action Committee and get in touch!