Purim is coming! Donations of great raffle prizes needed!


Every spring the CBS community comes together to plan a truly amazing Purim Carnival. The 2019 event date will be forthcoming but we know it will be in March. Besides being one of the best parties of the year at CBS, it also raises funds for programs that our preschool children enjoy all year, like Music with Jonathan, Hi-Five sports, etc, as well as scholarships for families in need. Proceeds come from event tickets, a raffle, and a silent auction. 

This is where you come in! We are asking our community to help with donations of goods or services for the raffle and silent auction. Here are ways you can help:

1. Personal donations
• Vacation house (Tahoe, Hawaii, etc)
• Sports tickets (Giants, Warriors, A's etc)
• Museum/theater tickets (i.e. Exploratorium, Academy, A.C.T., SHN, etc)
• Services (organizing, planning, specialty service, etc)
• Wine (above $20 please)

Email Denise Goldstein about your personal donation contributions.

2. Donations from businesses you frequent or have a connection to
• Do you golf? Ask your Golf Course for a round
• Have a favorite spa or salon? Ask for a gift certificate
• Do you participate in a wine club? Ask for a one-year membership
• Do you have a favorite clothing store or kids store? Ask for a gift certificate or a highly desirable item
• Do your kids take classes at local schools, like ballet, kung fu, chess, etc? Ask for a class pass
• Do you know someone who owns a restaurant? Gift certificates are usually easy to get
• Do you have friends or associates who own a business or have access to tickets, memberships at museums, items, gift certificates, etc?
• Are you willing to submit online requests for Disneyland ticket, airline tickets, etc? There are online forms for some of these - we can help identify them.

Businesses will get recognition by being involved! It's a great marketing opportunity for them. We have a donation request letter template that you are welcome to use.

We have started a list of organizations to reach out to for donations and have begun to contact them. Please email Denise Goldstein and let her know who you will be reaching out to so that we don't cross-over each other and contact these businesses twice. You can also send her more ideas!