Lev Cohen's Bar Mitzvah


Shalom to the CBS community.

My name is Lev Cohen and I will be Bar Mitzvah'd this Saturday, August 18. I look forward to continuing the tradition of both my parents by singing in Moroccan trope, as my mom did here in this synagogue 31 years ago. While being a third generation Beth Sholom member, with a huge extended family here in SF, I am also lucky to have my family here from all over the world to celebrate with me. 

I am an entering 8th grader at The Brandeis School of San Francisco. I love tennis, travelling, learning languages, good food, and exploring San Francisco with my friends. 

My Parahsa is Shoftim. This portion is about the people who make rulings (Shoftim, or Judges) and the people who enforce the law, (Shotrim, or Police). The parasha focuses on the importance of impartiality for judges. In my Drash I will draw comparisons to the American justice system, explain the roles of judges and enforcers, and I will hopefully stimulate internal questions about conscience and using good judgement. 

I want to thank my parents, Cantor Alfassi, Rabbi Dan, and Scott Horowitz for teaching me. I really want to thank my classmates - we have had an incredible year of 50+ Bnei Mitzvot. You have all given me the confidence and inspiration to get through this weekend and become a Bar Mitzvah.