Maccabee Mitzvah Day & Hanukkah Party: Rededicate & Revive!

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Join us on Sunday, December 9 in a communal volunteer effort to rededicate and beautify our sacred temple. We'll have the opportunity for hands-on beautification and restoration followed by a festive Hanukkah celebration.

Let's be the light and shine the light on our spiritual home...together we can perform the mitzvah of elevating our incredible space. This event is FREE & Open to All.


1-4 p.m. Mitzvah Teams

There are a range of projects to undertake that day. You can choose the project that you prefer and you'll work in a small team with a house committee member. Please read more about the projects below and then register for the team in which you would like to contribute.

4-6 p.m. Party Time!
A festive celebration including: Candle Lighting, Food & Drink, Games, Dramatic & Musical Performances & More!


Team 1: Landscaping  | Captain: Allen Levy
We’ll work on the Zweifach Meditation Garden, the Eva Gunther Plaza deck and wall planters, and a few other small projects. In the long term, we’d like to form a gardening committee to manage these spaces on a regular basis, so please contact Allen if you are interested in that.

Team 2: Interior Decor | Co-captains: Rosemary Rothstein/Mark Gunther
We have a collection of art and memorabilia that needs to be hung on various walls. We have chosen the locations. We'll be hanging a temporary exhibition in the Chapel Gallery, and permanent installation, on drywall or concrete, of other art items.

Team 3: Hanging the Tribes | Captain: David Madfes
Those of you who are long term congregants will remember the metal sculptures depicting the 12 tribes that used to hang above the bimah in the old sanctuary. These are going to be mounted on the concrete wall above the reception desk in the lobby. As each tribe is in at least three pieces, need to be mounted directly to the wall, and need to align precisely with each other when hung, persons with carpentry experience would be welcome for this task.

Team 4: Moving the Tree of Life | Captain: David Madfes
The Tree of Life memorial wall is being moved from the Library to Koret Hall. We need some strong folks to help with the moving and installation.

Team 5: Storage Space Management/cleaning | Captain: Mark Gunther
Working with Beth, this team will be inventorying items we have in our various storage spaces, moving stuff around to better locations, and discarding things that have passed their sell-by date. We also may power-wash the EG Plaza deck and walls, exterior stairwells, and other places as needed. 

Team 6: Renewing the Pews | Captain: Harry Meyer
This team will wash, vacuum, assess, refinish and move as necessary the pews in the Gronowski Chapel and Makom Shalom. There may be additional light carpentry tasks for this team as well.

Additional work: There is always something to do around the shul! We have some electrical work to do, replacing ballasts and fixtures. There is some repair work to do, such as replacing door handles. There may also be some other technical work related to building systems such as phones, computers, HVAC, A/V, security and so forth. If you have expertise in these areas and would like to join our team of handypersons, please contact Mark Gunther or David Madfes

And, of course, there is always the much appreciated ongoing option to donate gelt towards these efforts.