Book of J performed at our first LISTEN Kabbalat Shabbat!

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On Friday we welcomed Book of J featuring Jeremiah Lockwood and Jewliah Eisenberg to kick off our first LISTEN third Friday Kabbalat Shabbat service. LISTEN is a liturgical music series that will help us explore the role of music in experiencing the sacred. Book of J were the perfect duo to begin this series as they are beautifully grounded in Jewish tradition but with relevance and accessibility to 2018.  See Book of J and listen to their unique sound.

The service was followed by dinner and conversation with Jeremiah and Jewliah who both have deep roots in Jewish music as well fascinating backgrounds. We had a wonderful turnout with attendees enjoying the event and excited to be together. 

LISTEN will showcase different musicians the third Friday of each month. It will be curated by musician and scholar Jeremiah Lockwood who will draw on his connections to world-renowned musicians working in diverse genres to present profound and soulful musical experiences. LISTEN will offer an opportunity to engage in deep listening, hear virtuosic performances, and learn about sacred music traditions - both our own Jewish traditions and those of the people we share homelands with today and in our history. 

The next LISTEN Kabbalat Shabbat service is on November 16, when we will host Yoel Kohn and Judith Berkson.

Yoel Kohn is one of the most powerful voices in contemporary Jewish music. He grew up in Chassidic Williamsburg and is the son of a renowned Satmar bal tefilo. Judith Berkson is an eminent voice in contemporary music who has collaborated with the likes of the Kronos Quartet. Her performance of classic cantorial recitatives draws on her pedigree and her tutelage under her cantor father. This will be an evening of folk religious music, which is currently experiencing a revival. Great cantors performing services in shul was a beloved form of folk religion for Eastern European-born and first-generation American Jews.

Please join us for this Kabbalat Shabbat service and the opportunity to draw closer to G-d through music.