Acshav Yisrael: Read about Professor Eran Kaplan's presentation

This summer, the Knesset passed a new Basic Law. Because Israel has no constitution, its Basic Laws define the role of state institutions and provide the country’s civil rights protections. The new law, titled “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” and known simply as the Nation-State Law, defines Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and the right to self-determination in Israel as unique to the Jewish people. It also encourages Jewish settlement and makes Hebrew the official language of the state (giving Arabic “special status”).

So what is so controversial? What does this law mean for Israel’s non-Jewish minority?

On Sunday, October 21, Professor Eran Kaplan, was able to break down the components of the new law and help us understand its significance to Israel’s democratic character, as well as to its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. Professor Kaplan, an Israeli-American, holds the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Chair of Israel Studies at San Francisco State University.

See the photo gallery from this informative event below.
Thanks to the members of Acshav Yisrael for putting this event together!