2018 Annual Meeting: Nominees by Petition

Nominees by Petition:

David Golden
David is a native San Franciscan. His grandfather Morse immigrated in 1881, and had a large tailor shop near Union Square until 1906. David lives with his wife Keiko who converted at CBS. Keiko is a Makor Or participant and a CBS ritual committee member. For over 10 years, she has organized Koret High Holiday Services. Their daughter, Sarah, went to CBS preschool and Hebrew school. They are CBS members since 1997.

In support of Israel, David assisted the JCRC in building out the shul-based Israel Action Committees. He serves on the Board of the American Friends of LIBI.

David has an SM degree from the MIT Sloan Management School. His profession is to empower organizations with efficient and effective business systems, a mix of business consulting and software development. He has organized dozens of professional and MIT alumni events. He’s been a behind-the-scenes organizer for numerous political campaigns including Jeff Adachi’s inaugural campaign. Prior to MIT David worked in Washington D.C. as a policy analyst, striving to protect the US defense technology base, and drafted the DoD position for PRM-43 during the Carter administration.

He joined CBS at a golden period, and is looking forward to bringing that into the present. Rabbi Lew (z"l) said in the HaRuach Vol 3. No.3 Elul 2004, "What was true of the Mishcan would become the dugma."

Rabbi Lew also said, "... it is that in the course of building a place that expresses our core spiritual values and serves as the locus for a spiritual community, those values begin to clarify themselves and that community begins to take shape."

David is delighted to join the current Board and work towards shaping such a community.

Irène Minkowsky
Born in Brussels, Belgium, Irène have lived most over adult life in America and is a proud American citizen. She and her husband, Robert, raised their children, Benjamin and Rafaela, in San Francisco, and at Beth Sholom where they have been members since 1985.

As a second generation Auschwitz survivor, Irène is endlessly inspired by retaining a positive outlook on life and humanity in the face of darkest times. CBS, in particular the Minyan group, has been a tremendous support for her during the loss of her parents. Irène is ready to give back to Beth Sholom for the support it has provided her family over the years.

As a physician, she is blessed with being a good listener and a healer. She strives to excel in guiding people through complex decision making with compassion. She has high ethical standards.

In Greek the name, Irène, means Shalom or Peace and she states that she will always try to keep peace at CBS and to resolve differences by finding reasonable compromise.

Len Yaffe
Len Yaffe has been a member of Beth Sholom for 25 years, and he and his wife Ruth were married by Rabbi Alan Lew in 1995. He has previously served on the Board from 2010-2013, while head of the investment committee, and from 2016-2017, while on the Executive Board and head of the finance and investment committees.

He has spent his career at the intersection of two of his passions, the stock market and medicine. He was a medical stock analyst from 1982-2002, primarily with Montgomery Securities, and since 2003 he has operated a healthcare investment fund, Kessef Capital Management.

Len’s goal for returning to the Board centers on his desire for helping to improve financial discipline and to assist in the next phase of growth of the congregation. Len holds a BS and MD from Northwestern University.

Lissa Rechtin
Lissa and her husband, Adrian Mirvish, have been members of Beth Sholom since 1984. Their three sons, Ezra, Judah and Asher, grew up running around the synagogue, making friends with children and adults alike. Their entire family has very strong attachments to Beth Sholom as a welcoming, warm community.

Lissa has extensive experience with administrative procedures within non-profit settings. During her 10-year academic career, she was chair of philosophy, head of the Humanities program, a member of the faculty senate and did research in professional ethics and its applications in non-public settings. During her 25 years of work as a child psychiatrist with Kaiser Permanente, she led an adult psychiatry clinic, co-chaired one of the hospital ethics committees, and was the founder and medical director of one of Kaiser’s three northern California autism clinics.

Lissa looks forward to joining the Board and including her voice to represent the diversity of opinions that we enjoy within Beth Sholom.

Maureen Samson
For more than 40 years, Maureen and her husband Michael have made Beth Sholom the center of their spiritual, social and community life. They have assumed an array of planning and leadership roles at CBS, while their children, Rebecca and Ted, attended Hebrew and Sunday school, celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and travelled to Israel with their confirmation class.

Currently a member of the Achshav Yisrael Committee, Maureen has chaired several committees of her own; planned successful fundraisers and events; co-organized the Shechinah Program, which supported homebound, ill and bereaved congregants; delivered hot meals through Chicken Soupers; and served as an executive board member and as the synagogue’s first female president. During her tenure, the synagogue’s finances were in order - with a substantial reserve.

A graduate of the University of Colorado with a Master’s degree in social work from SFSU, Maureen has focused her career on working with seniors and caregivers. She has supervised a conservatorship program, provided case management and therapy, facilitated support groups for seniors and caregivers, planned, organized and lead community educational programs.

Maureen understands that the key to a healthy vibrant synagogue is strong responsible financial oversight and management. She recognizes that the Jewish community has changed but believes that CBS can maintain our Jewish values and traditions and rebuild our community by listening to and learning from our members, supporting our new rabbi and working together to develop relevant programs, activities and committees composed of congregants and board members. Maureen also aspires to reconstitute the Shechinah Program, providing an invaluable support network for congregants experiencing significant life changes.